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        See end notes in Chapter 17.

4.2.1 Raise The Temperature Of Your Air Conditioner To 78

You'll save about 5% for every degree you raise the AC over 70 degrees. I've found a higher temperature is actually more comfortable in the south because it is not such a shock to my system when I go outside into a hot muggy afternoon. We feel just fine at a moderately cool temperature and the power bills are quite reasonable too.

Savings = $40% (if thermostat set at 78 instead of 70 degrees)

4.2.2 Lower The Setting On Your Hot Water Heater

Many heaters come preset to 140 degrees. You can comfortably reduce that to 120 degrees or even 110 degrees. Ask at your local hardware store for instructions. If you have a dishwasher with a booster that will heat the water to sterilize your dishes, use it when you lower the temperature.

Savings = $50-$100 per year, approx.

4.2.3 Turn The Heat Down An Hour Before You Go To Bed Or When You Go Out

Most people turn the heat down when they go to bed. Instead do it about an hour before hand. The house will keep the heat for more than an hour, and you will be quite comfortable.

Savings = 5% approx.

4.2.4 Windows Rob You Of Heat

In cold weather, close blinds, drapes, curtains on all windows at dusk. Doing this will help prevent heat from escaping through the windows. You'll save about $5 per window.

Heat pours out of windows in the winter; any barrier will save you money. Surprisingly, almost anything will help, even Venetian blinds or large pieces of cloth. Glass is very thin and has a small insulating value (R-value).

In summer you need to cover any windows that the sun shines on directly since this creates a greenhouse effect.

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