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==Average Discount = $400

(after any home or car repair costs)

Most experts agree, you can save hundreds of dollars each year, by raising the deductible as high as possible on your homeowners and automobile insurance.

There is a simple trick, however. When you raise the deductible, deposit the money you saved into a special savings account. Earmark that account for any repairs to your car or house that the insurance would have covered. You can even have that amount automatically deducted from your paycheck or checking account and put into the special account. Over the years you should save a tidy sum.

With a low deductible you may be paying a huge premium for very little coverage. For example a driver in suburban NY could save $300/yr. by raising the deductible from $200 to $1000 for collision.

In addition you will simplify your paper work. Why? If you need a small repair, you won't have to file any forms or work with a claims adjuster.

You will also make it less likely that your insurance will be cut off. The fewer claims you file, the less likely it is that your company will cancel your insurance.

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