How To Cut Your Household Budget
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Consumer guide to frugal living. Discount and money-saving household budget and personal finance strategies. Reduce living and home expenses with no extra work and no change in your lifestyle once you learn all of our simple easy tricks.
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Many of the tips in this special report will save you both time and money.

==If you buy more store brands and use fewer coupons, you'll save the time it took to clip, sort, file and redeem those coupons.

==Stocking up takes a little time to learn. However, once you've got a system worked out, you will spend less time shopping and find you run out of things less often. You will avoid having to run to the store or the convenience store where prices can be four times the best available price.

==Taking clothes back for a refund means that you'll have fewer garments in your closet so it will take less time to decide what to wear.

==Driving your car one more year will save you the hassle of shopping for a new car, negotiating the sale, the loan terms and selling your old car.

==Covering small repairs on your car and home by raising the deductible on your insurance means that you'll have less paperwork to do. You won't have to file a claim with your insurance company and there's less chance your insurance will be canceled.

==Buying Christmas and birthday presents during the year, will save you as much as 50% and you will avoid the rush and anxiety of last minute shopping.

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