How To Cut Your Household Budget
By $5000 A Year

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Consumer guide to frugal living. Discount and money-saving household budget and personal finance strategies. Reduce living and home expenses with no extra work and no change in your lifestyle once you learn all of our simple easy tricks.
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(Documentation for some of our estimated savings.)

Annual discounted expenses.

Saving $5,000 is like getting a raise of $10,000 at work.

==See pages 13-34, The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need, Andrew Tobias, Harcourt Brace, $12.

Store brands, house and in-house brands, private labels and generics.

=="...40 percent of national brands produce identical products under private labels for supermarkets." March 1, 1992 article in the Orange County Register, David Lynch.

==Average store-brand food savings range from 18% - 33% depending on the store. Figure is derived from pg. 124 of Phil Lempert's Supermarket Shopping and Value Guide, Phil Lempert, Contemporary Books, $9.95.

Discounts on electricity and utilities.

==From figures in: Cut Your Bills in Half, The Editors of Rodale Press, Rodale Press, $24.95.

Drive your automobile one more year.

==Rough estimate based on figures from: Car Talk, Tom & Ray Magliozzi, Dell, $10.

==Estimate also based on extensive spreadsheet of car costs in the SAVVY-DISCOUNTS.com e-mail Newsletter Automobile Issue (Vol.1 #4).

Buy private label clothes, dresses, suits, shirts, pants.

==Page 102, Cheap Tricks, Andy Dappen, Brier Books, $13.95.

Get a refund from stores and merchants.

==Numbers derived from: Cheap Tricks, Andy Dappen, Brier Books, $13.95.

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