Discount prepaid cell phone
no credit check, no annual contracts, no activation fees
no monthly bills, no age limits

Prepaid cell phone wireless telephone service

Get the very best deal:
a free cell phone
with prepaid wireless service

as low as $29.99

Buy a pay-as-you-go, prepaid wireless service that boasts the largest digital coverage area in the US. This service does not require annual contracts, credit checks, monthly phone bills, activation fees, security deposits, or age limits. Nationwide service.

Tel3Advantage portable prepaid long distance
is the perfect companion for your new prepaid cell phone
Take it with you anywhere you go!
2.9 cents a minute from any phone, any time in USA
Use your prepaid cell phone for important calls
use Tel3 from any phone for long conversations
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Airtime rates include all wireless taxes and fees that can add up to 20% on many other traditional wireless service plans. Airtime rates include all monthly fees, telecommunication taxes, connection fees, excise taxes, tolls and service fees. With there are no relocation or cancellation fees.

This cell phone service is the perfect solution so that you always have a phone for emergencies, essential communications, when you want to control costs, when you must be able to keep in touch.

This service is provided by largest nationwide provider of prepaid wireless communications with over 4 million subscribers. Each cell phone box includes a wireless phone, battery and charger. One year warranty.

Spend only what you want by tracking your airtime balance right on the phone display. You only pay for minutes as you need them. Unlike most plans, you keep your minutes and they do not expire, with active service.

Get one year of wireless service plus a cell phone for less that $100.
No monthly bills no activation fees.

Free Phone

How This Service Works

Buy more Prepaid Wireless Airtime cards as you need them. If you run low on minutes, purchase and add more cards. To keep your service active, you must purchase and add a Prepaid Wireless Airtime every 60 or 365 days depending on the card denomination. Add airtime before your due date and your remaining minutes and service days will rollover and be added to your phone, up to 90 days. Prepaid Wireless Airtime cards are available online or at over 60,000 retailers nationwide.

Every phone contains the Airtime Balance Display that shows how many minutes you use, how many minutes are left and when you need to purchase and add more airtime, so you control your costs. Displays exact airtime balance. Alerts you when 10 minutes remain. Reminds you when a Prepaid Wireless Airtime card must be added.

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2.9 cents/minute any phone anytime USA
No other fees - No long contracts - Cancel anytime
Call toll free 800# to connect to service
Make calls immediately after instant signup
Online management with speed dial and more
No credit check
No annual contracts
No activation fees
No monthly bills
No age limits
Complete selection USA
Plus global cards
Many rechargeable

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