Prepaid 800 long distance phone service with Tel3
Better, cheaper than a cell phone
For flat rate of 2.9 cents a minute
You can take it with you
Anywhere you go
Clear connection - better quality than a cell phone
Call from any phone, anywhere, anytime in USA
Make calls immediately after signup - no waiting

discount, portable, prepaid long distance
Why open an account with Tel3Advantage flexible long distance?
it costs 1.9 cents/minute from any phone, all calls, anytime, USA or Canada
flat rate pricing, no fees, no taxes, pay only for minutes used
keep old long distance carrier - no switching, no long term contracts
also lowest global rates - 200 countries at 10 cents/minute or less
signup now - make calls immediately

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Tel3 is a 10 year old state-of-the-art phone company
Superior to a prepaid cell phone
No roaming or overage charges
No activation fees, no bills, no credit check
No long term contract, no contract termination penalty
--- Cancel anytime ---
No maintenance fees, no connect fees, no taxes, no surcharges
Full record of all calls from all phones on one account
Speed dial up to 99 numbers from any phone
Read A Full Description of How it Works
Signup Now, Make Calls Immediately, Get 473 Free Minutes (Limited Time Offer)

Avoid all the problems and expense of a cell phone or prepaid cellphone. Portable pre-paid long distance costs less, you can call anywhere from any phone to make calls with this 800 connect prepaid long distance service. It also has better voice, line and sound quality than just about any.

Flexible Long Distance
Prepaid long distance is the best solution for people who move around but need to make phone calls from different locations. It is a flexible solution to your telephone needs when you are on the go.
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#1. Costs much less - takes less to open an account
For only $25 you can open a portable long distance account.
The least expensive cell phone account will lock you into a one or two year contract at about $500 a year plus the cost of the phone, an activation fee, surcharges and taxes.
Even the lowest cost prepaid cell phone will cost you about $100 to buy the phone and get your initial 150 minutes. In addition a prepaid cell phone will cost you $100 every year (the cheapest deal) for 150 minutes or about 3/minutes a week (assuming there are no roaming charges which will cost you double minutes).
That same $100 with portable long distance will get you about 1 hour a week to talk instead of 3 minutes.
SignUp Now - Make Calls Immediately
Signup Now and Get 473 Free Minutes (Limited Time Offer)

#2. Portable - Flexible
Call from any phone, anywhere, anytime in the USA at the same 2.9 cents a minute. In the USA you are never more that a minute or two from a phone. Never worry about expensive cell phone roaming or overage fees. With our service it is always a flat rate per minute.

#3. Minutes Expire Only After One Year
Many prepaid cell phone minutes often expire after 60 days. Our portable minutes expire only after a year. In addition with a prepaid cell phone, you must renew your minutes or the service will be canceled even if you have old minutes remaining.

#4. Great quality voice connection
Unlike cell phones that can have a lot of static or can lose the phone signal, the line quality of portable prepaid long distance is excellent from any phone including payphones.
Read A Full Description of How it Works
Signup Now and Get 473 Free Minutes (Limited Time Offer)

#5. No cell phone to lug around
You will never have to worry where you left your cell phone. With portable long distance all you have to bring is your memory or a small card with these three numbers: (1) the 800 number to call the portable long distance company from any phone, (2) your account number - usually your home phone number and (3) a pin which you can choose and change (if you want) so that you remember it easily.

#6. Great customer service
Many customers have complained about the quality of customer service with especially with prepaid cell phones. They have had trouble recharging their accounts, for example. With our portable long distance you will get the best customer service in the business. Just call the customer service number from 9AM - 9PM, Monday - Friday.
SignUp Now - Make Calls Immediately

#7. Online account management
You can view a complete record of all your calls from any phone on one account. You can create speed dial numbers for up to 99 people. You can add, edit, delete speed dial numbers and save these as a computer file or print them out, so they will never get lost. With a cell phone you can lose the numbers of people you call if you misplace the phone or it gets lost plus you will have no accounting of the calls you made.

#8. Recharge your account - its much easier with a portable long distance account
Prepaid cell phone customers have had a lot of trouble recharging their accounts according to the reports we have read in the Internet news groups. Often the recharge simply does not work and customer service is often no help. So in this case you are stuck because you cannot use your phone but you have a big bill that you have to deal with and a customer service that is not responsive.
With our portable long distance, you can recharge online, call the 800 customer service number to recharge. And if there is a problem call our excellent customer service.

#9. Cancel anytime
You are not locked into a long term contract
With most cell phone plans you are locked into a long term contract. If you cancel you can be charged as much as $200 to cancel. With our portable service you can cancel anytime.

#10. No battery to keep charged up
Batteries are always going dead with cell phones. Prepaid cell phones are even worse because you will use them less often, so you will be less aware of the battery level. With portable long distance you will never even have to think about batteries.

And remember our portable long distance service has:
No card fees, no maintenance, no taxes, a flat rate of 2.9 cents a minute. You can even use it from your home phone and pay only 1.9 cents a minute with local access and automatic recognition of registered phones. Making this service truly portable!

Start making portable call immediately!
Your account will be activated immediately.
Just seconds from now you could be making portable long distance
calls from any phone for only 2.9 cents a minute.
Read A Full Description of How it Works
Signup Now, Make Calls Immediately, Get 473 Free Minutes (Limited Time Offer)

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