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CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!
Know what your caller wants...before you decide to instantly on any cell phone. Try it risk-FREE!

CallWave For Your Cell Phone: Save cell minutes and improve your call quality. Screen cell calls before deciding to talk, or instantly transfer those calls to your home or office phone. Works with your current cell phone.

Save cell minutes and improve call quality.
Live Mobile Call ScreeningSM lets you hear your caller leaving you a message, so you can decide if you want to talk.
Mobile Call TransferSM lets you instantly send cell calls to your home or office phone.
Get calls and messages on your PC... even when your cell phone is off.

CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!
Save cell minutes by transferring cell calls to your home or instantly on any cell phone... Try it risk-FREE!

CallWave lets you know -- before you answer -- whether the boss is calling to give you the afternoon off, or to demand an overtime evening. You can answer the call, or you can choose to listen before answering just like you would on a home answering machine. CallWave's unique VoIP application also lets you transfer cell phone calls to a home or office phone, giving you clearer reception and better utilization of both your wireless and wireline services.

It works like this: CallWave subscribers receive a new phone number for their existing cell phone. When they receive a call to their CallWave number, their cell phone rings and they can choose to 'listen in' as their caller leaves a message. If it's an important call, they can press '1' to interrupt the message and instantly talk with their caller. At any time during the call, they can press '2' to transfer the call to their home or office phone.

In addition, subscribers can forward their home or work calls to their CallWave number and use their cell phone to screen and monitor these calls. Since CallWave uses VoIP to transport these calls, all calls and voice messages are also available to subscribers via their broadband PC.

CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!
Screen and transfer your cell phone calls. CallWave…It’s what’s next for your cell phone. Try it risk-FREE!


1. How Does It Work?
You get a new, local phone number that rings on your cell phone. Tell friends and family to call your new CallWave Number - and you'll be able to screen calls and transfer them to a regular phone. No equipment needed. Works with any cell phone!

2. How Do I Screen Calls on My Cell Phone (Mobile Call ScreeningSM)?
When someone calls your new CallWave Number, your cell phone will ring. Once you answer it, you can "listen in" to your caller as they are leaving you a message. Your caller won't be able to hear you! If it's important, press 1 to take the call. Or, let it go to voice mail and CallWave will continue taking a message for you. You decide when you want to talk!

3. How Do I Transfer Calls to My Home or Office Phone (Mobile Call TransferSM)?
If you're like most people, you get a lot of calls on your cell phone while you're at home or in the office. Simply press 2 at any time during your call, and we'll automatically send it to your regular phone. When you transfer a call to your home or office phone (a landline phone), you are no longer using your cell phone minutes and get the best quality connection possible.

4. How Do I Get Calls on My PC?
With CallWave's software installed on your PC, we can detect when your cell phone is off and then ring your PC. By clicking a button, you can talk to your caller on your home or office phone and listen to messages through your PC speakers.

5. Will CallWave Work With My Cell Phone & Carrier?
Yes! CallWave works with any cell phone or carrier (including prepaid plans). You don't even need to notify your cell phone carrier - just tell friends and family to dial your CallWave Number and you'll get calls instantly on your cell phone.

6. What About My Current Cell Phone Number?
Keep it - it still works. However, you can only screen and transfer calls when someone has called your CallWave Number - so if you want these features to work, simply tell friends and family to dial your CallWave Number. Bet your current cell phone number can't do that!

7. How Much Does It Cost?
Sign up today for a RISK-FREE 30-day trial of CallWave! Keep it, and you pay only $3.95 per month. Cancel any time before your trial ends by calling 866-383-8022 and you pay nothing.

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