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Personal and private faxes online for business from Call Wave

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CallWave Fax To Email | CallWave Cell Phone Call Screening

CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!
Receive Faxes in Your Email Inbox! You’ll get faxes without tying up your phone line or sharing the company fax machine. Try it FREE!
Do you receive important or private faxes?
Faxes sent to your CallWave fax number are delivered directly and privately to your email inbox. Important faxes aren't delayed because your fax machine is busy. Plus, archiving and searching for important faxes becomes as easy as saving and finding files on your PC.

Are you sharing a fax machine?
Everyone in the company can now have their own, PRIVATE fax number - no more worrying about sensitive documents sitting in the public fax machine! Click here to find out more about our volume-ordering program.

CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!
Download CallWave Free!
CallWave Fax to Email
Receive Faxes in Your Email Inbox – FREE Trial!

It's easy and convenient!
Your colleagues simply dial your fax number and press the "send" button on their fax machine. Their fax then shows up as an attachment in your email inbox. All you have to do is double-click on the attachment and you can read your fax immediately. It's easy to make a hard copy: just print the document as you would print any other document from your PC.

About the CallWave Fax Line Service
CallWave, Inc. has been offering its Fax-to-Email service for over 5 years and currently delivers thousands and thousands of faxes each month to individual customers and businesses of all sizes, from small home-based businesses to Fortune 500 companies. CallWave also handles over 2 million voice calls per day for its individual and small business customers.

Receive faxes in your e-mail inbox! Get a CallWave Fax Number - Free Trial!

CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!
Get a local, private fax number! You'll get faxes directly in your email inbox! Get your 30-day risk-FREE trial from CallWave now!

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