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Cell phone plan expense, cost and price calculator

Calculate the true cost of a cell phone wireless mobile plan. While a low priced $35 plan might look like a great bargain, only $420 a year, we estimate that you might spend double that as an annual cost or close to $800. Why? You will need to buy the cell phone and pay an activation fee just to get started. In addition taxes, charges and surcharges often add another 6% - 28% to your bill.

And almost no one can go through a year without some hefty overage charges, that is extra costs as much as 40 cent per minute, for minutes over those allotted by your plan. And then there are quite expensive roaming charges for calls outside your local area, as much as 99 cents per minute. Or extra minutes over and above the peak number of daytime minutes allowed by your plan.

With this calculator you can determine the annual costs for an individual plan or compare two calling plans you are considering.

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Print out this calculator to compare two plans and total the true cost.


Name of Cell Phone Service Provider


Name of Plan



Minutes or Price/minute

Monthly Cost

Minutes or Price/minute

Monthly Cost

1. Monthly Cost of Basic Plan





2. Monthly local minutes allowed in plan





3. Overage cost per minute





4. Estimate of overage minutes





5. Monthly cost of overage (#3 X #4)





6.Monthly non-local minutes allowed in plan





7. Roaming cost per minute





8. Estimate roaming minutes





9. Monthly cost of roaming (#7 X #8)





10. Monthly long distance minutes allowed





11. Estimate cost of long distance minutes





12. Extra cost for long distance





13. Monthly cost long distance (#11 X #12)





14. Sub-Total Monthly Charges





15. Taxes-Charges-Surcharges
Use 20% if you don't know





16. Total Per Month











Additional Costs


Additional Costs


17. Activation Fee





18. Initial Cost of Phone





19. Battery/Accessories





20. Total Additional Costs











Other Considerations


Other Considerations


21. Length of Contract





22. Early Cancellation Penalty



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