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February 5, 2004 Issue

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With Spring almost here, people are starting to think about traveling. At, we can see an increase in the number of people at our travel pages. So we added a number of new pages to help you with your travel plans.

These visitor guides by The Rough Guide To Travel in association with TravelNow and are very detailed. In addition we have added links to maps, driving directions, local weather and forecast, dining, a calendar of events, attractions, and the latest guide books. Take a look.
== USA visitor guides
== CANADA visitor guides

TravelNow does an extensive search for hotels, lodging, motels, suites to allow you to compare rates, discounts, locations, facilities, and amenities.
== Compare hotels, rates in USA
== Compare hotels, rates in Canada

Compare rates, discounts, and availability of car rentals from airports in the USA and Canada.
== Compare car rentals in the USA or Canada

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Calculate the distance between cities in the USA or between airports in the USA and Canada.
== Driving mileage calculator USA.
== Airport distance calculator USA, and Canada.

Hotel Reservations Network is another excellent source of discount hotels information and comparison.
== HRN discount hotel rooms

Read our very savvy tips on how to get the best hotel room rate.
== Negotiate, haggle at hotels

Get discounts regularly when you go out to eat.
== Restaurant discounts

Use a virtual phone card to always be able to call from any phone anywhere in the USA or Canada. Our card is only 2.9 cents a minute with no other fees and minutes do not expire. You can even cancel.
== Virtual phone card

Any phone, anytime, USA-Canada, same flat rate, no fees!
To Read a Description of the Tel3 Advantage Prepaid Long Distance telephone service, click on one of the following links.


For people traveling outside North America, we offer some of the lowest international phone rates. You can call from any phone, even a cell phone in the USA and Canada.
== Discount international phone rates

Find the time in real time, anywhere in the world.
== World Time Clock

The Rough Guide To Travel and TravelNow have put together the same quality visitor guides to just about anywhere in the world.
== World visitor guides

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