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November 30, 2001 Issue

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  S A V V Y - D I S C O U N T S . C O M
          N E W S L E T T E R
Vol. 7, Nov. 30, 2001
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1.)...Should you get a flu shot?
2.)...In the News:
      Cheap beef, points programs cut back,
3.)...Selling -- It's not what you think:
      Listen to what a salesman has to say

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-----------------========| Flu Shots |========------------------

#1. Should you get a flu shot?

We think that flu shots are a very good deal. Generally costing
between $5 and $15 (but covered by some insurance plans) they save
the average healthy person up to a week of lost time in bed. They
also help prevent the flu from spreading to the rest of the family
and throughout the work place.

Yet for some members of the population, a flu shot is more than a
convenience; it is a necessity. About 20,000 die each year. People
over 65 are especially vulnerable. So this is serious stuff. In
many cases insurance will pay for an older person's shots.

However, flu shots are not perfect. Companies who manufacture the
flu vaccine have made an educated guess long before the flu season
starts about which strain will most likely be in the population
during the coming winter. They may guess wrong and there may be
more than one strain floating around. So getting a flu shot is not
an ironclad guarantee against getting sick.

We think that the best place to get a shot is at the local health
department or at a "doctor-in-a-box" no-appointment, walk-in
health facility. In our area, at least, we found that the walk-in
doctor's offices charged about the same as the health department.
In both cases you probably will not have to make an appointment.

Going to your regular doctor can be time consuming and expensive,
so these two alternatives may be a better choice for a flu shot.

SPECIAL ALERT: Recent studies have shown that elderly African-
Americans were much less likely to get a flu shot than whites, 46%
vs. 68%. With so many elderly people dying of flu, it is important
that health officials and others encourage senior African-
Americans to get the vaccine.

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----------------========| In the News |========-----------------

#2. In the News

---The price of beef has gone down about 20% in the last 2 months.
---Frequent flier clubs are being shut down.
   With the airlines losing money, many companies are closing
clubs that used to be available for frequent flier members. As we
have pointed out, these "point" type plans are a only promise of a
discount and benefits but often the rules change after you have
spent your money.
---Sleepy drivers are dangerous.
   1,500 deaths each year are due to fatigue while driving. Most
don't think of sleep deprivation as serious, yet it clearly is.

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------------------========| Selling |========-------------------

#3. Selling -- It's not what you think.
      Listen to what a salesman has to say.

A new novel by Ben Cheever really gets to the heart of what
selling is all about today.

When he was selling computers and electronics he was taught that,
"a clerk sells a customer what he or she had intended to buy for
what he or she had intended to pay. A salesman, on the other hand,
sells the customer more than he or she meant to buy, for more than
he or she had expected to pay. A home run...meant not only the
sale of the highest-priced product possible, but also the
accessories, the insurance, and the store credit card."

Selling Ben Cheever: Back to Square One in a Service Economy
by Ben Cheever, Bloomsbury, 286 pages, $25.95.

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