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1. ABOUT Rick Doble (Richard Degaris Doble)
author-editor of book, Savvy Discounts, and web site. newsletter and web site is over ten years old. Conceived by editor Rick Doble (Richard Degaris Doble), it was originally printed in a paid quarterly addition on paper with national distribution, it is now offered exclusively on the Internet for free. Readers can receive the newsletter free as e-mail or check the web site on the first and third Thursday of each month for the latest edition.

The emphasis of the newsletter is on reducing common everyday expenses with simple, easy, how-to information. It is our belief that the average household can save $5,000 a year or more without any extra effort or lifestyle simply by changing a few shopping habits and learning a few new tricks. We emphasize savings in the following areas: groceries, utilities, phone costs, health care, credit cards, clothing, furniture, travel, car expenses, restaurants, recreation, entertainment, insurance, Christmas and unplanned expenses.

The primary point of the newsletter is to show people how to get the very best value for their money. We do not tell people how to live their lives, or advocate a frugal lifestyle. The way that people live is their choice. Our job is to come up with practical and useful information.

In addition the web site also features a number of in-depth money-saving reports such as savings on prescriptions, gasoline, hotels, supermarkets and restaurants. In the near future we will be adding a substantial amount of material from the previously published paper newsletter. The site can be easily searched for information.

Since 1996 has received national publicity on network television and radio such as ABC-Tv's TheView, syndicated newspaper and television reports, major television stations around the country, and in national magazines such as Reader's Digest, Woman's Day, Woman's World, Bottom Line/Personal, and Mademoiselle. In addition three books by Editor Rick Doble have been published and distributed nationwide.

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