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2. Rick Doble (Richard Degaris Doble)
Editor of Savvy Discounts

Resume: Rick Doble (Richard Degaris Doble)
author-editor Savvy Discounts book and web site

The idea for came from Editor Rick Doble who has a life long passion for getting the very best deals. He learned his skills from his father who was also a life-long bargain hunter (who, for example, never bought a new car but usually a two-year-old used car). Doble put himself though graduate school without taking out a loan. He managed to live quite well on a modest budget and this financial freedom allowed him to buy a home and start his own photography business in Durham, North Carolina and now the .

Doble has a Masters Degree in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1975 with a B.A. in English (Honors in Writing) also from UNC-Chapel Hill, in 1966. He has read Consumer Reports on a regular basis since he was ten years old and worked as a reporter for various newspapers and magazines since 1970.

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