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We are also linked to a number of major Internet Sites. A list follows. Please note that news organizations often remove pages in which we have been listed after a year or so. For example, the page in which we we listed at ABC-TV's TheView is no longer available.

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Amazon listing
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About>Parenting & Family>Frugal Living
Saving Gas
From Pat Veretto,
Your Guide to Frugal Living.
Put the price of gas under your control
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Wanna Trade?
Trading, bartering, swapping, negotiating... whatever you call it, it's close to a lost art, but it can save you a tremendous amount of money, if you're not afraid to try it.
What to haggle on and how much to offer? When to quit? Rick Doble, of Savvy Discounts, also has a great tutorial on getting it your way: How to Negotiate, Bargain and Haggle.
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National Television Stations

The interview with Editor Rick Doble about saving money on clothes aired on MSNBC and on many more television stations than these listed but these are the ones that put up a link on their Internet site and linked to this
NBC-6-TV Miami, Florida
WFLA-TV Tampa, Florida
NBC-10-TV Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
NBC-4-TV Columbus, Ohio
WMC-5-TV Memphis, Tennessee
WSMV-4-TV Nashville, Tennessee

NBC-10, Philadephia, PA
Six Tips For Saving On Clothes Shopping
Rick Doble of referenced

WMC-5-TV Memphis, Tennessee
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WFLA-TV Tampa, Florida - Gas Prices Consumer Guide - From
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The Arizona Republic
Remember this when searching for a car
May. 25, 2005
Richard Doble and referenced

The News Gazette - Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Not everything's negotiable, but it's worth a try
Linked to
Published Online April 17, 2005

Black Enterprise, September 1, 2004
Boxed or Bought?
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Every busy executive needs fuel to get through the day.
Learn how you can save by bringing your lunch from home


The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Empowerment Project
Frugal Living Resources

Child Support Network
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University of California Press
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by Editor Rick Doble
NOTE: Dozens of articles were written three years ago but these are what remain on the web.

An estimate is not a quote - article by Editor Rick Doble.

Buying used - how to do it - article by Editor Rick Doble

The Art of Haggling - article by Editor Rick Doble.

Prescriptions for less - article by Editor Rick Doble.

Articles and Listings in Bottom Line /Personal

BOTTOM LINE /PERSONAL Floor models can be great buys
Reference = Rick Doble, editor, $avvy Discounts Newsletter, Box 96, Smyrna, North Carolina 28579.

Published: May 1, 1999

More efficient freezers
Our special source: $avvy Discount$ Newsletter, Box 96, Smyrna, North Carolina 28579.

Published: February 15, 2000


Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc.
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Some places where you might be able to save money

Iowa Peace Network
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Simplicity corner: Can't walk, bike or bus? Some tips for greener car use

Car Buying Worksheet And Advice
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From Coast to Coast, Private Label Gets Kudos
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Cudenver -University of Colorado at Denver

St. Alexius CU

Understanding cash flow personal and household finance how to
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Urban Transport Fact Book
Text link =

Cost Estimate:
Conversion of Transit Subsidies to
Auto Subsidies for Low-Income Riders
(Greater Mobility Opportunity Program)
Costs calculated from

Invest in Yourself

Money Saving Links from Invest in Yourself: Six Secrets

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