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November 21, 2002 Issue

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Or the old switcheroo

The guests are going to arrive in an hour and you suddenly find you are out of a key ingredient for a recipe. What do you do? Never fear -- on the Internet you can find a comprehensive web site that will let you find the perfect substitution:

In addition you can take advantage of this site to design your own recipes from a traditional one, making a meat recipe meatless, or one with a lot of fat a low calorie delight. It saves you time and money as well, because now you don't have to run to the store to get what you're missing. Do the old switcheroo instead!

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For scrumptious recipes try the more than 13,000 listed from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines. If you love to cook, you might be in heaven. Search their database for just the right Thanksgiving or Christmas surprise.

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NOTE: With some produce now available all during the year, many people have forgotten when fruits and vegetables are really fresh. Buying in season means that these items are often cheaper, fresher, and that money may be going to local farmers.

Fruits and vegetables: apples, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, collards, cranberries, endive, grapefruit, kale, mushrooms, oranges, parsley, rutabagas, winter squash, turnips.

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My wife taught me this trick which will keep bags of food fresher longer, saving time and money.

Buy a large inexpensive bag of wooden clothes pins . Use them to clip closed all those plastic bags that food comes in these days. You can use and reuse them in place of "ties." We have found that wooden clothes pins work much better than plastic which often slip or break.

They are especially handy for bags of cereal, bread, vegetables, chips, dry pet food, etc. We use hundreds of them. Before clipping, fold the top of the plastic bag several times to keep the food at its freshest.

Don't stumble around in the dark!

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How to always find a coupon

Tired of turkey? Ready for some hot food at a low price? In your yellow pages may be dozens of coupons for restaurants, especially pizza. Generally the coupons are in a separate section at the front of the yellow pages.

However, once you find a good deal with these coupons, you can always find more because everyone you know has a phone book, and they will probably give you theirs. In addition, phone books at phone booths have coupons which rarely get used. You should ask the business that owns the phone booth if you can cut some out.

You've seen this kitchen marvel on TV
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A travel food tip

While we usually recommend you avoid "instant" and "convenience" foods at the supermarket because they are a bit expensive, they make a lot of sense when you are on the road or away from home . While these products are not cheap, they cost much less than eating at a restaurant. You can enjoy fresh hot, healthy food in your hotel or guest room.

For example, by simply boiling water in a cup in a microwave you can make a variety of instant foods. Coffee bags, "soups in a cup," instant hot breakfast cereals are easy to make. Simply add the hot water and let stand for a few minutes.

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