Discount drug and prescription card.
Free from DestinationRX
Save at over 45,000 nationwide pharmacies.
This free card offers discounts good at drugstores like Costco, Eckerd, Duane Reade, Longs, Safeway, Walgreens, Wal-Mart.
World's Fastest Life Insurance Policy?
No Medical Exam Required - Instant Coverage If You Qualify

Summary of Benefits

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FAQ about the Free Lifetime Drug Discount Card
from DestinationRX

Why is the card FREE?
We want to build the largest consumer buying group in the pharmaceutical industry to negotiate volume discounts for cash paying Americans. Cash paying consumers are individuals and families without prescription drug coverage, with coverage that excludes certain drugs or those who consistently exceed their health plan's spending limits.
We offer free drug discount cards because we need to grow our member base to increase our purchasing power to obtain more savings for our members. We could use your help, please join and tell your friends about DestinationRx and see the savings as our membership grows.

How does the card work?
Once you receive the DestinationRx Drug Discount Card, present the card and prescription to any participating pharmacy and your discount will be applied instantly. There are no forms to fill out!

How much will I save?
Discounts will vary depending on the prescription drug and place of purchase, but you should consistently save from 15-30% off retail prices every time you use the card. Your savings vary because a pharmacy's retail price can differ greatly by pharmacy. Your exact savings percentage may vary depending on the price you have paid before.

How can I get the most savings?
You can receive special discounts of up to 65% on select preferred drugs. The list of preferred drugs is included in the Membership Information Kit. If your current drug is not on the preferred list, you can ask your doctor to change your prescription to one of the preferred medications, if medically appropriate.
New preferred drugs are continually being added.

Is the medication I am currently taking covered?
All FDA approved brand and generic prescription drugs are covered.

Is there an enrollment fee for the card?
No. Your card is free for life! We do charge a one-time $4.95 shipping and handling fee for the card and your Membership Information Kit.

Are there any age or enrollment restrictions?
The primary member must be eighteen or older (persons under eighteen would be dependents and listed under the primary cardholder). There are NO other restrictions.

Why does the card provide discounts?
We negotiated volume-based promotional discounts with many drug manufacturers like; Organon, G.D. Searle, CIBA-Vision, Parke-Davis, Schering, GlaxoWellcome, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Novo Nordisk, Medisense, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Wallace Labs, Penederm, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Zeneca, Knoll Pharmaceutical, Forest Laboratories and Bertek Pharmaceutical. As a result, we are able to gain special pricing and pass on these savings to our members.

When will I get the card in the mail?
Once your membership is processed, you should receive your card and Membership Information Kit within 4 weeks. Your temporary card will be ready for printing after three business days from the time your joined us. This is because it takes time for our pharmacy network to update their system to recognize you as a member.

How do you stay in business if you give the card away for free?
We find that our customers are five times more likely to buy than the average person surfing other health related Internet sites. We believe this is because our members come to DestinationRx to comparison shop prices and buying is usually the logical next step. Because our members tend to buy more often, we are able to charge higher advertising and promotion rates to health products and services companies.

Summary of Benefits

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