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Over the last several issues I have said that there are a lot of extra benefits to saving money. In addition to having less debt and more money in the bank, you will simplify your life and help the environment.

There is also an another very important benefit: you will gain control over your own life.

It seems that most people spend all the money they earn and then some. Consequently, they are usually in debt, always paying interest and never able to "get ahead." Credit card debt today is astronomical. Many experts wonder what will happen in an economic downturn.

A large number of people simply live from pay check to pay check and are one pay check away from default or bankruptcy. In short, a lot of people are out of control. They have, in truth, given up control of their lives and have few options.

If they lose their jobs, which can happen to anyone these days in the era of downsizing, they could lose their homes and be forced to file for bankruptcy.

In this kind of environment keeping a job is crucial. However, because employees are so vulnerable, a boss can order a worker to do virtually anything within reason. For example, an employee can be ordered to take on extra work with no pay raise. If the employee refuses, he or she will probably be fired.

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Studies show that people are working much longer today than they did 20 years ago. More spouses work as well, so both heads of the household have less time for their family, and both are under the thumb of their employer. Is this any way to live? Is this one of the reasons that many people seem so angry today?

If you get out of debt and put money in the bank, you have much less to worry about and a lot more options. If you lost your job, for example, you could have enough money to get retraining and find another. Or you might have enough money to start your own business.

So don't envy the neighbors with the new cars. They are probably up to their ears in debt. I saw a great bumper sticker on a sturdy but older car the other day. It read, "Don't laugh. It's paid for." How many people can say that these days?

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