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March 6, 2003 issue

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Vol. 9, February 20, 2003

Here is the latest issue. Enjoy.
Editor, Rick Doble


    You really can get control
    We hope you took our advice last fall
    The editor lost 5 pounds already
    Turner Classic Movies
    Restaurant Specials?
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You really can get control

Is there any way to keep telemarketers from calling you? They are a waste of your time and possibly your money . These annoying interruptions often come at dinner just as you sit down to eat. This kind of marketing is perhaps the worst aspect of modern advertising because it comes into your home and intrudes on your time and space.

A friend of mine, who has had a good deal of experience with these kinds of calls, told me, "Getting angry does not work. Hanging up the phone does not work. Telling them to never call your home again does not work." However, it turns out there is a way. The key is to say these magic words: "do-not-call list."

Every telemarketing company is required by law to have a do-not-call list. If you request to be put on the do-not-call list, the company cannot continue to call you without possibly risking a fine.

You can find a full copy of the FCC rules about this on the web at:

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We hope you took our advice last fall

On October 17, 2002 we wrote the following:
According to the Department of Energy, the cost of heating fuel will go up a lot this winter. Natural gas could rise almost 20% and home heating oil 40% from a year ago. We recommend that you ask your fuel company for a long term contract which will lock in the current price for the rest of the cold weather season. Many (but not all) companies offer this option.

Now in March 2003, fuel and natural gas prices are up as much as 50% over this time a year ago. This is like a tax on your household and on the economy.

If you took our advice you did two things last year:
a) you filled your tank in August when prices were at a seasonal low and
b) you locked in the price of fuel in October with a long term contract, if your fuel company offered such a deal
These two actions might have saved you hundreds of dollars.

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The editor lost 5 pounds already

I have lost five pounds in about six weeks, since I started following my own advice and have been simply eating just a bit less at every sitting.
Editor, Rick Doble.

NOTE: Recent studies have shown that in America today we are being offered too much food to eat and most people will eat what is put in front of them. Unlike just about any other diet, this "portion diet" simply aims to put less food on our plates at any given time. It does not involve starvation, special meals or anything out of the ordinary.

When eating dinner or having a family get together, put the serving dishes away from the table where people eat. Most people will continue to nibble, if they see delicious food just a few inches away. Putting food further away, does not mean that people will not have seconds, but just makes it less likely.

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Turner Classic Movies

If you like really good movies, buy some inexpensive video tape or simply watch films on the Turner Classic Movie channel in the month of March. This cable channel is only showing movies that won Oscars or were nominated for Oscars. That is a lot of quality movies for 744 hours or about 350 movies. Most people get this channel as part of a basic cable package, so the cost to you is virtually zero.

To see a schedule visit their web site at:

Restaurant Specials?

BTW, the following point I believe is incorrect: "Before ordering ask about "specials" not on the menu. These are often very fresh and good bargains. Many restaurants have regular specials each day of the week. Generally Monday through Thursday are the best deals. " This refers to the following article on our web site:

I read an article about eating at restaurants awhile back that said the specials were usually the meat and seafood that the chef wanted to offload before they went bad. That is why the specials are usually so good on Monday thru Thursday...because Friday thru Sunday they want the customer to pay top dollar for their newly acquired meat and seafood. Any leftovers are then covered with special sauces to mask their age and sold as specials.

Thanks for the articles!

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