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A well kept secret on the web is that totally free software is often as good or better than programs you can pay $20 to $50 for. Some programs are even supported better by the authors.

Why would anyone give away software? For a variety of reasons. Many need to establish a name and also test out and get feed back for early versions of software. Major companies like Eudora (owed by Qualcomm, one of the largest companies on the NASDQ stock exchange) started this way, for example.

While other sites may have larger lists of free software, our list from Savvy-Discounts represents the cream of the crop that we have personally used. We literally tried hundreds of programs before we settled on this bunch.

We have used all of these programs find them to be easy to use, well designed, useful, and experienced no problems with any of them. All of them are excellent.

Now, just since they have worked well for us, does not mean that they will work perfectly for everyone. With certain hardware setups and certain versions of Windows 95/98, there might be a problem here and there. All we know is that we have found them to work extremely well. If you have a problem with any of these, please do not write us. Instead get in touch with the author who will be glad to know of any problems.

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