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Get a blizzard of hits at your web site.
by Rick Doble

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"My art site has registered 150,000 hits in three years."

(You can pick and choose what you want, of course.)


  1. Optimize your pages so that they are listed by search engines and correctly listed with the right key words.
    --This includes meta tags, the page title, and introductory words on your page.
    --Create a unique tag that will identify your pages and web site so that you can easily track who is linking to you.
    --Remove things that search engines will avoid such as too many repetitions of a word.
  2. Add links to other similar sites from your page. This should increase your chance of getting listed and also increase your rank.
  3. Create a page of sites that already link to yours. You might be surprised where you are listed.
  4. Create a way to monitor the traffic to your site. You can keep track of raw numbers, unique hits, and the links surfers are using to get to your site.
  5. Put an email link on all of your pages so that people can send comments, etc.
  6. Make your site user friendly. This means create pages that are fast loading and clearly designed.
  7. Submit your revamped home page to as many as 1000 search engines and directories and submit important sub-pages as well.


  8. Develop a way to track new listings to your site. I use a number of techniques to do this.
  9. Create a page that lists all the sites that are linked to yours along with any positive mentions/reviews/comments.
  10. Send an email to all who list your site and tell them that you are also listing theirs.
  11. Email a quarterly email letter informing all people who have emailed you or who have listed your site of any new developments (this avoids any suggestion of spam).

COST: From $250.
Once I know exactly what you want to do, I can give you an estimate.

Get your site listed in Yahoo!


In the last three years my personal art web site has gotten 150,000 hits. The number of hits has doubled every year. As you know from the Millionaire show, doubling every year means that you will soon be dealing in big numbers.

This did not happen by accident.

I have been doing publicity since my college days when I was in charge of getting the public to attend special programs. Later as a freelance photographer, I publicized my independent photography classes and was able to successfully compete with other classes at universities and community colleges. I did this for ten years. Five years ago I started my own newsletter and was mentioned nationwide in major publications and media such as Woman's Day, Woman's World and ABC TV's TheView. Now on the web I am using my skills to bring traffic to my site.

I believe in a well rounded approach to publicity. This is not expensive. If you give it time to build, your traffic should increase indefinitely.

I believe that being listed in search engines is important but not the most important thing. For example, on most of my sites I get more traffic from other sites than from search engines. I know this because I have a way to monitor where my traffic is coming from.

The complete list of sites that linked to my art site.

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