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NOTE: Many of these 14 tips were mentioned in earlier issues of $avvy Discount$ Newsletter. However, we had never put them all together under this topic, so we thought they were worth repeating.

Most people think that you must work harder to save money. Not true! You can often save time and money and simplify your life.

== Cook once, eat twice.

Plan meals so that you eat leftovers every other day. Some dishes such as soup, stew or bean salad taste much better the second day.

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== Stop throwing out food.

American waste about 25% of their food or about $1000 each year. Put food away right after meals, store in sealed containers, mark the date stored, freeze, and then eat the older food first. You should be able to save yourself a lot of cooking and shopping and a good chunk of that $1000 worth of food that you discard.

== Travel during the "shoulder" seasons.

If you travel just before or just after the "in season" period, you will save money on air fare and motels. You will also find that you don't have to fight the crowds. Most restaurants, attractions, and shops will still be open. In North Carolina, for example, prices at the beach drop dramatically along with the number of people after Labor Day, but everything stays open until the end of October.

== Don't spend time buying new clothes until you know exactly what you own.

You should go through your closet and drawers periodically to remind yourself of what is there. Buy new clothes that you can mix and match and that go with your current wardrobe. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

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== Return clothes that don't work.

Clothes that you never wear simply clutter your closet and eat up valuable time when you try to decide what to wear. Never keep clothes that don't fit with your various outfits. While it might have looked good in the store, if it looks wrong at home, take it back. This should take you very little time if you put everything back in its box along with the receipt and return it during your next regular trip to the shopping center.

== Plan for regular sales.

Instead of wasting time shopping on a whim, plan for regular annual sales that occur each season. Many stores have sales that you can bank on. Refer to old sales fliers or ask the store manager.

Contents List - Annual Sales And Seasonal Discount Calendar. A List Of Sales For Clothing, Automobiles, Furniture, Appliances Computers, Televisions, Audio-Visual Equipment Plus Fruits and Vegetables.

== Put all your loose change together.

Many people have loose change in their bureau drawers, in cups, at the bottom of purses, in glove compartments but they never can seem to find change when they need it. Put all that change together, so that you can find it quickly.

== Every six months clean out your frig and freezer.

You can save a lot of time shopping if you eat out of your freezer once in a while. If you do this twice a year, you should avoid letting any food get too old, and you will have a clear idea of what you have stored.

== Get your regular store to match another store's sales.

Instead of running around to several stores to get the best prices, see if your favorite will match another's price. Take the sales flier with you and ask at the service desk.

== Freeze lunch.

If you spend a few minutes on Sunday, you can make all the sandwiches you need for the up coming week. Put these in the freezer and each day pull a couple out. These frozen sandwiches will thaw out by lunch time and be just the right temperature for eating. Bringing your lunch will save you time going out to eat and a small fortune as well.

== Avoid coupons; buy store brands instead.

Coupons are a lot of work. Buying store brands takes virtually no extra time. If you bought all store brands you could save about $2000 a year which is equal to or better than any coupon savings.

Coupons are not the great deal they once were. The face value is less (and falling) and they expire more quickly. Most coupons are for new products. Only 2% of coupons ever get redeemed and companies are slowly phasing them out.

== Stock up on non-perishables.

We have a special "stock-up" shelf in the corner next to the dryer. I can usually tell in a glance what we need when I make a trip to the store. We get a three-month supply at sale prices and make fewer shopping trips.

== Shop quickly.

The faster you shop, the more money you will save. Supermarkets estimate that you will spend $1 more for every extra minute you stay in the store. So stick to your list and get in and out as fast as you can.

-== Use mail order.

Some catalogs are much cheaper and faster than shopping. This is very true for specialty items. Computer accessories, for example, cost much less through the mail with a better selection and it will take a lot less time to find what you need.

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