SUCH AS 10-10-220, 10-10-345, 10-10-636, 10-10-811, 10-10-297, 10-10-457, 10-10-719, 10-10-987, 10-10-629, 10-10-834
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EXAMPLES OF SERVICES: 1010220, 1010345, 1010636, 1010811, 1010297, 1010457, 1010719, 1010987, 1010629, 1010834

DEFINITION: 1010 and other such services "dial-around" the long distance company that is automatically connected to the phone (the one that is used when you simply pick up the phone and dial 1+AreaCode+Number) to access a different long distance company. This may allow a customer to find a lower rate. 1010 and other prefixes such as 1015 are followed by a three digit number such as 10-10-XXX.

HOW TO CALL: After connecting to the alternative long distance service (you may not hear a dial tone after connecting) simply dial the long distance number as usual such as 1+AreaCode+Number.

COST: Some companies have low cost plans that are accessed with a 1010 number. However, other companies do not; some are very expensive. Do not assume that a 1010 service is a discount service until you have read the terms. It is very important that you know exactly how much each plan charges and all the extra charges involved such as going over an allotted number of minutes.

BILLING/PAYMENT: These calls usually show up on your local phone bill.

EXAMPLE: A typical heavily advertised plan charges 99 cents for a fifteen minute call or about 6.5 cents/minute. If you go over fifteen minutes, the cost is 15 cents per minute. In addition there will be a number of taxes and fees.

NOTE: 1010 services do not work with public or payphones or hotel phones.

COMMENTS: 1010 plans seem like a good idea but in the example we gave, you get charged 99 cents whether you talk for five minutes or fifteen. If you go over the fifteen minute limit you will be charged a much higher rate. The best long distance service is one that lets you decide how long you want to talk and only charges you a low flat rate such as a prepaid long distance service.

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