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low cost long distance from your computer while on the web
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discount prepaid telephone long distance
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Net2Phone Service
Making calling from your computer
to any phone inexpensive and convenient

Low cost calls anywhere in the world!

Residential Broadband Phone Service
VoiceLine turns your high-speed Internet connection into big savings
on phone service!

Choose your calling plan
No matter where you are calling -- or how often -- there is a VoiceLine calling plan that is right for you. Choose a monthly plan to the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Asia, or India. In addition, VoiceLine offers great international rates to more than 250 countries.

Choose your phone number
With VoiceLine, choose from phone numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada -- no matter where you live -- so not only can you lower your phone bill, you can lower the bills of people who call you, too. Find out more. Toll-free numbers are also available.

Enjoy great features
Each VoiceLine monthly calling plan includes VoiceMail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, and more!

Net2Phone PC to Phone Telephone Service
Net2Phone CommCentersm is software that allows you to make phone calls and send faxes to anywhere in the world.
• View our complete list of rates
• Check out PC2Phone® features
• Learn more about PC2Fax®
• See how to make PC2PC® calls
• To get started, download now

How to get started with Net2Phone CommCenter:
1. Download our FREE software
2. Create a Username and Password
3. Select the amount of money you want to add to your account
4. Login to the software
5. Make PC2Phone calls and send faxes

Low-Cost Calling Cards
You can choose from two money-saving products: the Net2Phone Direct Calling Card and the PennyTalk Calling Card.

See which card best fits your lifestyle and your calling patterns -- and sign up today.

Net2Phone Direct® Calling Card
Get up to 1500 minutes of FREE phone calls
Guaranteed up to 100 free minutes
As low as 3.9¢ for calls within the U.S.
Low international rates
Use from any phone
Traveling abroad? Use your card from 25 countries
No connection charges

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Low cost calls anywhere in the world!

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