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Now in our eighth year, I believe the average household can save as much as $6,000 a year with no extra work and no change in life style. At we show people how to shop smarter not harder. People can live very well but free themselves from the burden of debt and then set themselves free to do the things they really want like take a vacation, or retire early, or buy a house or start a business. We don't tell anyone how to live their life. We'll just give people more ways to save so they can choose the tips that are right for them.

We are the experts. No publication knows more about the nuts-and-bolts of a wide variety of average everyday expenses. We can save consumers money on groceries, utilities, travel, prescriptions, credit cards, health care, appliances, home repair, cell phones and telephone expenses, clothes, insurance, automobiles costs and more.

Our newsletter is fun to read. When our paper edition was published several people wrote to say that they read it cover to cover on the day it arrived and then passed it along to family and friends.

I have lived this way my whole life. I learned many tricks from my father when I was very young and used these skills to put myself through graduate school (Masters in Communications) without taking out a loan, for example. I have always cherished the freedom to live my life my own way and knowing how to spend less money gave me that freedom.


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