Hi New Affiliate,

If you've never done affiliate sales before it is not very difficult. Just take it one step at a time until you feel comfortable.

#1. Sign up with ClickBank.

Click Here Now to Sign Up
as a SAVVY-DISCOUNTS.com and Clickbank Affiliate
To Sell Our Ebooks

Click on "No nickname? Click HERE to sign up first. It's free!"

The signup is very easy. You will need to enter your name, and mailing address so that you can receive checks. You will need to enter your email address (double check for any error) and phone number.
After that you will choose an account nickname (5-10 letters & digits). If someone else has the same nickname you will have to modify your chosen name slightly. Usually adding a number at the end will do the trick. You will be assigned a password which will be sent you in an email. You will need both of these to check on your sales.

#2. Add your new ClickBank nickname to the following link

Where you replace the word AffiliateNickname with your ClickBank Nickname

For example. Lets say that you choose "stephanie" as your nickname. The link now looks like this:

Or click on this link to get ClickBank to create the link for you
Enter you nickname in the blank space, click submit and then copy the code generated by the form.
In emails it is a good idea to include the entire link including the http:// because some email programs will not recognize that it is a link without the http://

You can put this link in your emails, on web pages, or in free classified ads or as a link in advertisements such as in Google or in BrainFox. However, please remember that we have a zero tolerance for sending out spam (unsolicited emails).

Every time someone clicks on this link and then buys an ebook, you will get paid over $7.50 for each ebook (Save $5000 Every Year) that you sell.

#3. Check your sales

Now comes the fun part. Click on this link to login to your account:

You can easily check how many sales you have made at ClickBank when you enter your nickname and password at this login page. You can check this as often as you want.

#4. How to advertise or get the word around

For Example:
You can add this link to your signature in your emails. Every time you send out a regular email to a friend or acquaintance, this will be part of the message.
A signature in your email or a classified ad might look like this:

Cut $5000 from your household budget
I have read this book and it's really good information
To find out more click on this link

Or you can write your own copy based on reading the ebook

#5. Always test your links.

You can, for example, send yourself an email. When you receive it, click on the link. Does it work?

Rick Doble
=== Here is my personal email address ===
where you can contact me directly:
195 Old Nassau Road
PO Box 96
Smyrna, NC 28579
Tel. 252-729-1209
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