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Generally new appliances are much more energy efficient than older appliances. When you are faced with the choice of repairing or buying one, look into the yearly energy costs of a new one. You may find that the newer appliance will more than pay for itself.

Comparison shop with care. Many units are required by law to have a yearly energy cost estimate posted for comparison. The energy to run an appliance for ten years will cost much more than the purchase price.

Some energy saving features are a good deal. For example, a hot water booster heater in a dishwasher will cost extra, but it will allow you to lower the thermostat on your hot water heater saving you hundreds of dollars. Also there can be $1000s (!) difference in the total life cycle costs of two hot water heaters.

Since we recently had to replace a number of appliances, here are some energy saving examples from my own life: The new washing machine spins the clothes better so that they require less drying time. The new hot water heater uses a lot less electricity than the older one. Our new electronic gas stove not only saves us money on gas to run the pilots (about 30% less), but it heats and bakes food more efficiently and our kitchen is cooler. Even the new toilet uses half as much water as the former one.

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