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== Maglite flashlights

A good flashlight is essential for your safety and protection. The Maglite brand are relatively new and far superior to the older (and usually much bulkier) ones that you may be more familiar with.

A Maglite flashlight is compact, light, lasts indefinitely, is cheap to run, very bright, water resistant, and won't fail if you drop it.

The small model called a Mini-Maglite costs about $10. It takes two AA batteries and will fit easily in a purse or clip to a breast pocket.

Maglite flashlights do not have a standard switch. You have to unscrew the head just a bit to turn on the light and then screw the head back to shut it off. This may seem odd but it is the reason the flashlight is so reliable. Standard switches often fail after a few years.

Mag flashlights come in a variety of sizes and are available at most discount and camping stores. About five years ago, I gave my wife a very tiny Mag flashlight that she could attach to her key chain. This model required only one AAA battery. She says that it has saved her several times.

== The best auto anti-theft device

The best way to keep a thief from stealing your car is to install a cut-off switch. This device is cheaper and more effective than commercially available alarm systems. A cut-off switch is a switch between the ignition wires inside the car and the starter. It is a very simple device that a knowledgeable mechanic should be able to install easily for about $75-$100.

It works this way: when you turn off your car, you simply flip a hidden switch. This makes it impossible to start your car. You can hide the switch anywhere. Since most car thieves are in a big hurry they will not want to spend precious minutes looking for this switch.

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