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February 6, 2003 Issue

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Vol. 9, February 6, 2003

Here is the latest issue. Enjoy.
Editor, Rick Doble


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    Monday, February 17
    We have been sounding the alarm for years.
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At we have been sounding the alarm for years. In fact we were one of the first in the media to point out the problem with food portion size.

Now the national media is reporting on this trend and its devastating consequences. ABC News and a number of other major news media reported an important finding that the increase in portion size has lead to an increase in obesity creating a health crisis in this country.

Bigger portion sizes mean fatter people. The more food you find on your plate, the more you eat. It is that simple.

According to the book, "Food Politics," by Marion Nestle the increase in our weight correlates closely with the increase in portion size. Portion sizes for some foods have grown 20% and more in the last twenty years.

In a recent study a principle researcher at Penn State found, "It didn't matter if it was men or women, dieters or non-dieters, people who were overweight or not, people who habitually clean their plates or not. Everyone responded to the increased portion size by eating more."

There are a host of reasons why the size of portions has grown. Food generally costs less per ounce in a bigger size, restaurants like to serve overflowing plates, "super sizing" is marketed at fast food restaurants as a way to save money and convenience food may only be sold in large packages. For example, try to find a six ounce Coke at a convenience store - odds are you will have to buy at least the twelve ounce size or even the sixteen ounce size.

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    The incredibly simple way to:
  1. Lose weight
  2. Save money
  3. Save time
  4. Never feel hungry
  5. Never prepare foods you don't like
  6. Waste less food

Fortunately there is a very simple solution to the problem of portion sizes:
EAT LESS has put together a comprehensive plan for ways to eat less and will include tips regularly in upcoming issues of this newsletter.

You do not have to eat anything different, or buy from a different supermarket or prepare special foods. You do not have to pay for expensive supplements or drugs. You can generally eat at the same restaurants where you have always gone. You don't have to starve. Just put less food in front of you and let nature take its course.

Obviously eating less takes a bit of thought and you will need to change some of your habits. At we have found that getting people to change their habits, which is not all that difficult, meets with a lot of resistance. So this will be your main obstacle. You will need to get into the habit of doing those simple things that mean you eat just a little less everyday.

Because you will eat less on this diet, you will save money at both restaurants and supermarkets, you will spend less time preparing food, and you will generally waste less food. You will be healthier and your children and family will be happier.

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If you are at a get-together with tons of food, pick up one of the small desert plates instead of a large dinner plate. The smaller the plate, the less food you will put on it and the less you will eat. You can go back for more food as often as you like. We believe that most people will eat a lot less this way. If it is on your plate you will eat it, but if you have to go back, you are less likely to stuff yourself.

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