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October 3, 2002 Issue

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Vol. 8, October 3, 2002

Here is the latest issue. Enjoy!
Editor, Rick Doble

    It's getting darker; do you need a light?
    Should you bother with a flu shot?
    You may find the best deals right now.
    October is one of the best times to go.
    Think no one cares about you?
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The best small flashlight

With the nights getting longer a good flashlight is essential for your safety and protection. The Maglite brand is far superior to older, and usually bulkier, flashlights that you may be more familiar with.

A Maglite is compact, light, lasts indefinitely, is cheap to run, very bright, water resistant, and won't fail if you drop it. I owned one for almost twenty years before I had to replace it.

Maglite flashlights do not have a standard switch. You have to unscrew the head just a bit to turn on the light and then screw the head back to shut it off. This may seem odd but it is the reason the flashlight is so reliable. Standard switches often fail after a few years.

The small model called a Mini-Maglite costs less than $12. An even smaller one takes two AAA batteries and will fit easily in a purse or clip to a breast pocket and costs less than $10.

While most stores seem to sell only the black style, I would avoid black and get a colored one. Have your ever searched for a black flashlight in the dark when you desperately need to find it?

See our full selection of Maglites online
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We offer silver, red, purple, blue and black at the SAVVY-DISCOUNTS.com web site. Check out the free shipping offer when you click on a flashlight. Click on this link to see the full line of Mini-Maglites we offer.

Should you get a flu shot?

We think that flu shots are a very good deal. Generally costing between $5 and $15 (but covered by some insurance plans ) they save the average healthy person up to a week of lost time in bed. They also help prevent the flu from spreading to the rest of the family and throughout the work place.

Yet for some members of the population, a flu shot is more than a convenience; it is a necessity. About 20,000 die each year. People over 65 are especially vulnerable. So this is serious stuff. In many cases insurance will pay for an older person's shots.

However, flu shots are not perfect. Companies who manufacture the flu vaccine have made an educated guess long before the flu season starts about which strain will most likely be in the population during the coming winter. They may guess wrong and there may be more than one strain floating around. So getting a shot is not an ironclad guarantee against getting sick.

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We think that the best place to get a shot is at the local health department or at a "doctor-in-a-box" no-appointment, walk-in health facility. In our area, at least, we found that the walk-in doctor's offices charged about the same as the health department. In both cases you probably will not have to make an appointment.

Going to your regular doctor can be time consuming and expensive, so these two alternatives may be a better choice.

SPECIAL ALERT: Studies have shown that elderly African-Americans were much less likely to get a flu shot than whites, 46% vs. 68%. With so many elderly people dying of flu, it is important that health officials and others encourage senior African-Americans to get the vaccine.


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Now is a great time to buy.

You can get a great deal on a new car in the month of October. This may be the best opportunity to get a new car for a year.

First: You can buy 2002 models at year-end close-out discounts and/or at a favorable loan rate . Look now while they are still available and there is a full selection.

Discount Hotel Reservations
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Such as:
New York from $69
Chicago from $68
San Francisco from $79
Washington DC from $69

Second: Signs are that the 2003 cars will come with fewer extras as standard equipment. This means that 2003 vehicles could cost a lot more than even the regular non-closeout price for a 2002 model.

Now is a great time to shop .

October is one of the best times to go yard sale shopping . In some areas they are called garage or tag sales. Look for large block sales, or multi-family sales for a big selection or try to visit several sales on the same day. Churches and charities may have large annual "rummage sales."

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Prices are often half of that charged by thrift stores . Typically you will find clothes, especially children's clothes, furniture, sports equipment , toys, kitchen utensils and knickknacks. The best deals go to those who come early or late. Early birds get the best selection. People who arrive late can often name their own price for what's left.
Avoid "regular" yard sales; these are run by dealers.

Our thanks to Margie Calhoun

If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments.

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