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June 7, 2002 Issue

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Vol. 8, June 7, 2002

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Check the Expiration Date

Supermarkets rotate their stock. This means that most have a policy in which the oldest items are put first and the newest ones put toward the back of a shelf. So if you are buying milk, the freshest is often well behind the one up front.

While stores need to get rid of their older items that are not out of date, you may find yourself buying a container of yogurt that is only good for a few more days.

Always check the date when you buy food that can spoil. If the date is less that a week away, reach toward the back for ones with longer expiration dates.

For example, I recently bought a carton of orange juice. The one at the front was due to expire in just a few days. The cartons at the back were good for another ten days.

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Float your trouble away
Why not an inflatable boat?

"...there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." Mr. Toad in The Wind in the Willows (1908) by Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932)

Boats can be very expensive and require a lot of space and maintenance. However, small inflatables are cheap, light, easy to store and you don't need a trailer. They start at about $20 and come in a variety of sizes. I have found that you need at least one size bigger than the boat specifies. For example, a "three man" boat is just barely big enough for two people. Larger boats can even accommodate motors. They will last about three years.

You can find these boats at sporting goods stores and large department stores such as Wal-Mart. Modern inflatables have two chambers for safety. If you get a puncture in one, the other will still keep you afloat. However, you should also carry life jackets. If you like to row, you might want to buy a better set of oars than the ones that come with the craft.

You can inflate these boats quickly with a foot pump or an electric blower that attaches to your car battery or plugs into the car's cigarette lighter. I prefer the blower because I like to get on the water as fast as possible; either way it takes at most five minutes to inflate.

When the boat comes out of the water, simply rinse it down, towel it off and then deflate by opening all the valves. I leave the boat on the cars hood for a few minutes while the air goes out of it, then roll it up and store it.

My wife and I have a "three man" boat which is perfect for a couple of hours of rowing and swimming. It costs us about $25 a year.

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Credit Card Hell

In the summer many of us take time off. This means you can easily overlook a credit card payment deadline. It also means that many of us use our cards to pay for vacation expenses.

A recent report on CBS Evening News (5/9/02) pointed out that credit card companies want to keep you in debt. The report stated "card companies target people with modest incomes, and inundate them with offers of easy credit, knowing they're the most likely to pay late." The Wall Street Journal (5/21/02) reported that almost 60% of card carrying consumers had to pay a late fee in the last year.

Once late payment charges are levied, higher interest rates can also kick in. For example, you could find yourself paying a $1,500 balance over 30 years, at a 29.9% interest rate with a total of $6,000 in interest costs.

Mail your payment well before the due date. Many recommend mailing a full week beforehand. That week should include five business days (Monday-Friday). If there is a holiday during that week add a day or two. There are also ways to pay in a shorter period of time. Most credit cards have an online payment system which is generally free and many offer a pay-by-phone system which may cost you a small fee.

Fortunately there is something you can do and it generally works. However, it will be up to you to keep an eagle eye on your credit card statement and to act promptly if needed.

The good news is that many credit card companies will refund a late fee if a payment is postmarked before the due date. However, you must call immediately when you notice a late charge on your statement. If the company agrees to refund the charge, write down on your statement: 1) the name of the person you talked to, 2) the location of the office where they are located, 3) the agreement you made, 4) the time and date of the call. When you get your next statement, check that the charges were refunded as promised.

This usually works the first time you are charged for a late payment and maybe even the second, but after that many companies will refuse to forgive the fee.

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An Example Of Late Payment Charges

Recently, I made a payment to a credit card company that was well in advance. However, they credited it to the wrong account so that the proper account did not get paid. The consequences were astonishing to say the least.

My interest rate went from 10.15% to 19.9%, I was charged with a $29 late fee and my available credit was reduced to the amount I owed on the card. Surprisingly my minimum payment changed very little!

In the next issue of this newsletter, I will discuss how I got the company to find the error and refund these fees. Many of the resulting charges were hidden (like interest on the late fee that should not have occurred) and would never have been refunded if I had not made the company aware of them.

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With many people being sold the latest prescription drugs as beneficial, you might want to hear what doctors have to say. Physicians know that the side effects of many drugs are not known until they have been used for a number of years in a large population. So they tell the following joke:

"Wait a year before prescribing a new drug to your patients; wait five years before prescribing the same drug to anyone in your family."

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