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Definition of abuse: what is abuse?
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April 6, 2006 Issue

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Vol. 12, April 6, 2006

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  1. NEW WEB SITE: AbusiveLove.com
  3. Definition of Abuse: WHAT IS ABUSE?
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#1. NEW WEB SITE: AbusiveLove.com

The cost of emotional problems within families and within relationships can be severe. Often such situations lead to alcohol and substance abuse, buying binges at the local mall or an inability to make decisions and cope with money problems. In short this situation can make a family dysfunctional and unstable.

Editor and author Rick Doble of Savvy-Discounts.com, has completed a new web site that deals with some of these problems. The focus of the site is on abusive behavior. We are only just beginning to understand the depth of abuse in our society such as the bullying that lead to the tragedy at Columbine, child abuse that has most likely existed for hundreds of years and dating abuse in which young naive men and women become involved in relationships that are unhealthy.

There are all kinds of abuse which this site attempts to identify and define. However, the main focus is on verbal abuse in relationships. There are over 150 pages dealing with information on signs of abuse, examples, dating, red flags, coping, self-help, recovery, when to stay and when to leave. It covers types of abuse such as battered women, battered men, child, parent, elder, date and student abuse -- in relationships, marriage, family, dating, among siblings and relatives and at school and church. Plus it contains info about verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, social, intellectual, economic and spiritual abusive behavior


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== 10 Signs
== 34 Examples
== Dating: 8 Red Flags
== When To Stay-Leave
== Personality Disorders
== History
== Self-Help, Recovery
== Types, Categories
== Terms, Concepts
== How To Respond To Abusive Words

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#3. Definition of Abuse: WHAT IS ABUSE?

Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or verbal; it is intimidation or manipulation of another person or an intrusion into another's psyche; the purpose of abuse is to control another person. Abuse is generally a long term pattern of behavior although specific short term interactions can be labeled abusive. Recently the following categories have been included in definitions of abusive behavior: social, economic, intellectual and spiritual. With child abuse neglect is also an important component.

Abuse cuts across all social categories and classes. It occurs in well educated high income areas and in low income working class areas; it happens in all races and religions. In can occur in families, extended families, in neighborhoods, schools, churches, and community groups. Both men and women can be abusive and abuse can occur in virtually all age groups. The old can abuse the young and the young can abuse the old. While standards are different in various cultures, abuse occurs in virtually all countries as well.

Because abuse is often learned at an early age, it can be passed from generation to generation like a family disease. This is called the intergenerational cycle of abuse.

Abuse tends to happen to people in a weaker position or to those who are willing to be accommodating. Thus a stronger brother will abuse a weaker brother; an agreeable and supportive wife may be abused by her uncompromising husband; a teacher may pick on a student who is having learning problems; a spoiled teenage boy may manipulate a parent in an abusive manner.

This site, AbusiveLove.com, is primarily about verbal abuse although it discusses other abusive behaviors as well. It concentrates on verbal abuse because most abusive behavior includes verbal elements and because words and tone of voice can be identified and changed more easily than other kinds. Attacking and changing abusive verbal behavior will go a long way to preventing other abusive problems.


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